The biggest and most modern mushroom plant in Eastern Europe

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  • Mushroom


    48 mushroom plants with total capacity of 6500 tones per year

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  • Compost


    Huge compost plant with capacity of 400 tones per week

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  • Modern


    Best possible equipment from Christaens Group

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IMG Projct and Business Plan

Here you can find our project idea with full details and explanation

We also have a profesionally made business plan for the whole investment and realization of the product. To download the business plan please contact us to get access.

Project Description Business Plan Аnnouncement

About Us

The idea of this project is building the biggest and most modern mushroom production facility for cultivated mushrooms on the Balkans. Produced mushrооms will be with very low production price, big added value and exceptionally high quality.
Our purpose is to replace imported from us and 3 more companies Polish mushrooms with local produced ones.
Most sales of mushroms are made in the big Bulgarian food chains like Kaufland, Lidl, Billa, Metro, T-Market, Pro Market, Fantastico and the exchange markets in Parvenetz, Varna, Bourgas, Ognianovo, Sofia, Petrich. Last mut not least we plan to make sales in Grece and Romania where the proce is 20 to 30% higher.
The plant must be build in 18 months and reach its full capacity for 6 weeks after initial start. 18-24 months after successfull work we plan to double the plant capacity to 13000 tones per year. The investment for doubling the capacity will be 50-55% from the initial investment. Products will be white and brown mushrooms in packs of 250g, 500g, 1000g, 2500g and 3000g.
For now the only provider of mushrooms for the Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek markets is the Polish mushrooms that come from 1800-2500km with bad quality and 30% lower shelf life.

Mushroom Plant

48 rooms with isolated enviroment for 9 cultivations per year. Fully automated, risk free production.

Compost Plant

Production of 400 tones (3rd phase) compost per week, enough to serve all 48 mushroom rooms. State-of-the-art technology by Christaens Group